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We are always looking to add members to our studio, as either music majors or minors, and this website holds information on how to apply to Oklahoma State University, the OSU trumpet studio and the OSU department of music.  We have scholarships available to both music majors and minors pursuing undergraduate degrees and graduate studies.

Undergraduate Students

The Department of Music at Oklahoma State University offers the following undergraduate degree options:

•    BM in Performance
•    BM in Music Education
•    BM in Music with Elective Studies in Business
•    BA in Music

If you are a trumpet player interested in pursuing one of these degrees as a member of our trumpet studio, please do the following:

1.    Contact Dr. Ryan Gardner by emailing him at or by calling him at
2.    Make sure you have taken or are scheduled to take the SAT and/or ACT
3.    Complete and submit an OSU admission/scholarship application
4.    Complete and submit an OSU Music Scholarship Application (updated link)
5.    Schedule an audition for music acceptance/scholarship by calling 405.744.6135

Graduate Students

The Department of Music at Oklahoma State University offers the following graduate degree options:

•    MM in Pedagogy and Performance (conducting, music education or applied music)

If you are a trumpet player interested in pursuing this degree at Oklahoma State University, please do the following:

1.    Contact Dr. Ryan Gardner at 405.744.8991 or at
2.    Contact Megan Pitt, Coordinator of Graduate Studies in the Department of Music
3.    Complete an application to the OSU Graduate College
4.    Complete a Music Graduate Assistantship Application
5.    Schedule an audition by calling 405.744.6135

Audition Material

Undergraduate Studies

Audition material is flexible, but it should demonstrate your very best in both technical and lyrical playing. 

Suitable repertoire includes the following:


1.    Standard Solo Trumpet Repertoire (i.e. Haydn, Hummel, Arutunian, Hindemith, Kennan, Stevens,

2.    Technical and Lyrical Etudes (i.e. Wurm, Charlier, Brandt, Goldman, Bitsch)

3.    Standard Orchestral Excerpts

4.    All-State Etudes


Please prepare a solo of choice and a contrasting etude.  You will also be required to sight-read.  Those interested in the Bachelor of Music in Performance are encouraged to prepare 3-5 standard orchestral excerpts. 

Graduate Studies

Auditions should consist of standard repertoire including two contrasting solos, two contrasting etudes, 3-5 orchestral excerpts, and sight-reading.


If you have any questions about suitable repertoire, please contact Dr. Ryan Gardner.